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The project we did for CarpeDiem (Association for the Promotion and Development of Creative and Special Potential for Children, Youth and Adults) was a source of great enjoyment for us, as it directly impacted the level of available information for our fellow citizens.

We had general guidelines after 2 or 3 shorter meetings – the site should be of vivid colours, loaded with information, easily accessible and, what is the most important, responsive, as it was expected to be mostly approached by young people from their cellphones.

Having this in mind, we agreed to develop the project as a double-sided one, with 2 designers, 2 drafts, 2 unique designs, in a single project and with a single happy customer. After the first interaction with the customer, we already had a solution that was accepted by both sides. We even had a nick-name for the design we both accepted, calling it a „forest“.

We developed and perfected some details and functions in constant communication with our customer. Intensive testing of the site on various devices (yes, we even used some „ancient“ devices) resulted in relatively quick and successful completion of the project.


In preparing and developing the design we kept in mind the fact that the site should be able to adapt to any device. This is why we used the „Mobile First“ approach in site development. This is a development technique where primary focus is small screen (most often cellphone) and contents are step by step adjusted to bigger screens.

The menu is hidden to save the precious space and is activated by a "hamburger menu" icon (☰). To use the area optimally we also decided to remove the pictures when viewing the news on the home page.

Calendar of events was a challenge, due to the amount of the information presented. The filters are hidden in the menu and called by selecting the option „Filters“, while the presentation of the events is always turned to the present day. We have also left small parts of the previous and next day, just to stimulate the user to „swipe“ and show him that he can scroll the days by simply moving the finger left/right on the screen. If the user notices this function, there are arrows provided to scroll left/right, so no mistake is possible.




Events component was designed following the customer’s instructions when Jooma CMS conventional abilities were not enough. The component is able to create an „event“, containing the name, beginning time, ending time, location with an interactive map that can lead you to the location, description, generation of links to social networks (facebook, twitter, google+), as well as the data on the organiser. The component also has a built-in ability to generate a link where you can get the iCal format. It also possesses the option of repeating particular events in certain intervals, which makes it highly useful, especially when an event is repeated weekly or monthly.


This component is directly connected to the events component. When the user applies for the event, the administrator has all the necessary information to be able to announce the event at the site and can do it by a single click. Of course he is also in the position to edit the application if some information is missing or if he wants to change anything. This component is of great help as the users can report the event about which the administrators are not perhaps aware. All of this makes the site highly useful and attracts visits.


General description

This project was a real challenge. Even after the first technical meeting it was quite evident what direction we were going to take and we got green light to use modern technologies. Our task was to make something that would be a just „Wow“.

We first filled in our drawing board with everything we had in mind, drawing and blotting schemes and good ideas. At the end we decided to do a double-sided design. Two designers were included, with two unique designs, both for a single project.

After a week of work and a bunch of internal ideas we were faced with two design proposals, which we decided to present to our customer. The customer liked both designs, each of them had something special and attractive, so we decided, with the approval of our customers, to take the best from both proposals and construct a third design. Finally, the customer was sincerely satisfied and his comment was: „This is it! Good job!"

In developing the site we implemented modern technologies, such that mark the future in the business. All the graphic presentations and icons were SVG, so as to make site loading faster and to enable animations.

Apart from design, quite a challenge was to construct a top-quality user interface to be used to administer the whole data basis for all the products that were supposed to be presented at the site.

Responsive web-site design

In preparing and completing the design we constantly had in mind the requirement for the site to be able to adapt to all devices. Aware of this, we used „Mobile First“ approach in developing the site. This is a development technique where primary focus is small screen (most often cellphone) and contents are step by step adjusted to bigger screens.

Key challenge was to present a multitude of products with subcategories at a small screen. As the product photos were of very high quality, we decided to present a single product in a line on conventional small screens, while the number of products increased with the increased size of the screen.

The main menu in the so called "mobile version“ is hidden and is activated by clicking the "hamburger menu" icon (☰). The items in the main menu that contain submenus are designated with a „+“ sign, so as to suggest to the user the position of a submenu.


We were not satisfied with the icons we had at our disposal at the internet, and our designer created his own icons, such that gave a special touch to the site. You can see the set of icons here ...




We constructed the whole component to be used for the input of Aquestil assortment, with 7 categories and subcategories included. Each product is supposed to have all the multilingual descriptions, names, etc. It was not easy to construct the data basis for this component. Products from different categories differ, of course, but they are also quite similar sometimes, and it took us some time to find the best relationship of tables and fields, to optimise the basis maximally and again to make it maximally functional as well.

We had to apply automatic picture processing in the component itself, as there were a huge number of products involved, and even more of their pictures (of which many were not optimised).

Besides entering the products, we had to link them together, as some of them could be combined, e.g. showers and partitions.


A component was developed to enable input and presentation of all Aquestil distributors at an interactive map. The administrator's part of the component offers adding new and deleting nonexistent distributors in a simple and quick way.

The map has the ability of filtering by state and/or city. City filtering depends on the selected state, which makes using and filtering distributers easier.

The component also includes the Google GeoCoding, so that it is not necessary to enter manually for each distributor geographic longitude and latitude to be presented at the map.


We developed a module for browsing the assortment by specific parameters. The module offers the possibility of browsing bathtubs and showers by shape, possibility of installation and dimensions.

The module is constructed so that the selection of the first parameters reduces the number of possibilities of dimension automatically, which makes browsing more accurate and faster.


General description

Lin's store has been for years offering a wide range of various products at its shops. Their previous web store entitled "" was outdated both by design and functionality. The company was looking for a new and fresh appearance, new functions and a responsive site, so as to improve the experience of existing and new customers alike. The old system could not follow their newly developed needs and the company decided to redesign the site and adopt a safer and better system, able to be developed while running. This is why we suggested the Magento CE system, widely used and with good results.

At the start we encountered numerous challenges, such as „scattered“ existing bases for over 50 000 products, divided into 450 categories. In transferring the old bases into the new system we have reorganised categories and meaningfully reduced the number of categories by ~ 50.

The new system was also supposed to enable easier new product entry, multicategorising the products, simplification of the overall process, from ordering to selling, both at the site for the use of the customers and for the administration in the system.

Magento CE enabled us, with slight modifications and additions, to achieve these goals. Besides conventional functions, we also added fiscalisation, constructed special modules for the purpose of presenting particular product groups (for example, modules for the newest and best-sell products), and installed the WSPaypaymentgateway. An important item was also updating the amount of the product on store and their prices, for which we constructed a special module where the administrator could easily update both sets of data.

Responsive design

It was not easy to develop a mobile application for a web shop with over 50 000 articles. We had to adjust the system and enable the user to get a simple and intuitive presentation of the articles, offer connecting onto the system, overview of the shopping basket and articles to be compared and, the most important, to design the ordering procedure. We decided to adopt the approach of fixed navigation, so as to enable the customer to approach all the categories at every moment, as well as to approach the key elements, such as shopping basket overview, profile view, articles for comparison and the ability to register with the system.

Mobile presentation "hides" all the secondary actions that could divert the attention of the customer in reviewing the articles. However, they can be seen by a simple click on particular elements, such as product filters. Employing this approach, the user can search through the article without any disturbance, and call for the filters, sorting etc. when needed.

Ordering process is simplified to be adapted to the smaller user area available on mobile devices.



Adapting the display to the order

Administrator’s part of the system for displaying the orders is a big table with a lot of data. We adjusted the display, on our customer's request, and constructed a new display of the orders, with special data included and, to make processing easier, with background colours which indicate the actual state of the order.

Our customer expressed the need to get a quick overview of the number of orders and to be able to copy the order, and we enabled him to achieve it by a single click of the mouse.

Adapting product display

As the amount of the orders was quite impressive, and they were supposed to be processed in a short span of time, our customer had a need to see only particular fields in his product display at any moment. We adjusted product display so that it now presents only those information that are crucial to the customer, as well as the picture of the product concerned.

Custom prikaz proizvoda


We were obliged to implement fiscalisation into the Magento, due to recent changes in legal regulation, which ask that all the payments by credit cards should be treated as cash payment, and to be fiscalised because of this. Fortunately, our colleagues in Incho previously constructed a free version of Magento module for fiscalisation so we did not need to start from the beginning. As a number of new versions of Magenta were launched from the moment when the above module was constructed, we had to make some adjustments and additions to be able to implement it. As FINA (Financial agency) expects bills to be in minus at fiscalisation when they are cancelled, we had to adjust the creditmemo system in Magento itself.

Online payment

We selected the WsPaypaymentgateway system for credit-card payments, as it was the most favourable, they had a top-quality system, easy to implement and we have also been their partner-company. Apart from credit-card payments, we also had to implement the PayPal payment. This is, in principle, not a problem, as Magento has a previously implemented PayPal payment ability. However, situation in Croatia is a little bit different. PayPal does not recognise Croatian currency as a means of payment and it was thus necessary to include the option of converting kunas into Euros in sending the price to PayPal.

Services we provide

Web sites

Web sites are today certainly the most important manner of presenting companies globally. Continuous availability and the ability to interact with the customers seems to be far best marketing investment you can make. When constructing your web sites we keep the highest standards, while special attention is dedicated to user experience. Each new site construction is a unique work and each and every of our customers is sure to get his original and unique web design. In constructing the web site we pay maximum possible attention to optimising the work, so as to ensure the best possible results of your web site on various browsers.

Web applications

Web applications are programme solutions very much similar to standard windows, Linux or Mac programmes, but are approached through an Internet browser (Firefox, chrome, IE. etc.) and are situated on a web server. This is why web applications have become increasingly popular, as they are available from any computer worldwide, anywhere in the world. The examples are systems for ordering and paying goods and service, booking various services, document exchange, bookkeeping systems and the like.

Mobilne applications

Contemporary market asks for the subjects to adapt constantly. The key issues users expect regularly are mobile applications. Mobile applications are modern tools that enable you to be reached by your existing and potential customers all the time, as well as that your customers can reach you and your services in a simple and quick way. We offer the services of constructing mobile applications for the devices based on the Android platform, together with the construction of hybrid mobile applications for all the platforms of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, based on the most recent technologies.


Suppose you feel the need for a web site, internet shop, or mobile applications, but you do not know what exactly you need. You would like to have an internet shop, but do not know where to start, what you have to take care of. You need a mobile application, but you do not know which platform to use, what to put into the mobile application. You would like to automate a part of your business process and increase the rate of your work, increase income, reduce costs, but you do not know how to use modern technologies. We are here to help you with all of these problems, to answer all your questions. We shall select platforms and technologies for you, which will offer least costs and highest profits. Finally, we shall give you a chance to take care of your business and dedicate your energy to it, while web and mobile technologies will be in our care.

Joomla experts

Years of experience with the Joomla system grants our expertise. We possess over 50 of our own templates, and we can proudly mention some additions:


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